Beyond split and stroke rate

Advanced analytics like stroke length and potential speed, so you and your athletes can find the missing seconds you need for the podium.

Live up to your potential

Find where you’re missing speed with our proprietary Potential metrics. Based on a number of factors, including consistency and energy left in the tank, RowHero’s potential metrics are the only system on the market which shows athletes how much speed they’re missing when they take off-strokes.

Find missing speed piece after piece

In-depth graphs of your athlete’s best performances give you the tools to know what to work on next. For example, it’s hard enough to see changes in stroke length for one athlete during an erg piece, but now you can see how every single athlete shortens up (or doesn’t!) over a hard piece. If it’s happening on land, it’s probably happening on the water, too.

Automatic PR Tracking

Personal Bests/Personal Records are tracked for every piece of every possible length, so you’ll never miss when an athlete should be celebrated for breaking through their limits.

More coming soon!

We’re just getting started. Heart data, force curve analysis, and benchmark tracking over time are all on the roadmap.

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