Before the Workout

If you have a workout that needs to spread across multiple days, then this is for you.

As of February 2020, RowHero will automatically save and complete workouts after 3 hours of inactivity. If you need to record more data for that workout, navigate to the workout you want to reactivate under the “History” tab. Then, tap the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner of your screen and tap “Make Workout Active.”

Any new pieces your team records will now be associated with that workout.

Reach out to David directly at .

During the Workout

On the rankings page for a particular piece, tap on the name of the rower you’d like to add a result for. You’ll see a spot to enter the total distance/time and the rate for that piece.

Once you’re done, tap Save to add them to the current rankings.

Check that their device shows that the rower finished this piece.

If it does, and there is a cloud icon in the top right corner, the device is having trouble connecting to the network. Check that it’s connected to the best Wi-Fi or its cellular network is on, and then try tapping that cloud icon to upload the piece.

If it doesn’t have the result on the screen, it’s likely something happened that disconnected the device before the rower finished their piece. You can record the result yourself. See the question, “How do I add a piece result manually?”

Yes, piece results are saved when the piece completes. As long as a device with the RowHero app is connected to the Concept2 at some point during the piece, you will get data for it. However, you will only get per-stroke data for the strokes the athlete takes while the app is connected.

RowHero’s aim is to give you peace of mind that all the data you want will be recorded without problems. Sometimes, devices do get disconnected from the ergs, or poor Wi-Fi will interrupt a piece being uploaded. RowHero has a couple of very specific push notifications to help you manage these exceptional circumstances:

A rower’s device is on but has been disconnected for 5 minutes.
If this rower is in the middle of the piece, it will not be recorded. You will need to plug this device in to make sure their pieces are recorded.

A rower’s device just disconnected.
If the rower is in the middle of rowing and their device disconnects, you will receive this message. You will need to plug the device back in if you want this piece recorded.

A rower’s device is at [25/10]% battery.
When batteries get low, you risk not recording pieces successfully. Especially under 10%, some phones will have only about 10 minutes left. It is recommended that you switch out devices under 10% if it looks like they won’t make it to the end of a piece.

Missing a result from a rower.
If for some reason RowHero is expecting a piece but the results are never saved, it will alert you that the system might have missed something. Check that the rower’s device is still on, with the app open, and still connected to the network. Afterward, if there is a cloud icon in the top right of the screen, tap on that icon to try uploading the data again. RowHero will also try this automatically every 15 seconds in case you are not available to check this yourself.

If there is no cloud icon, check in your RowHero app whether the piece has successfully been uploaded. Chances are it has.

If something happens that does not fall into the cases above, please reach out to support at .

It’s likely that the rower’s device is either not connected to the network, or its connection is very poor. Double-check that the device is connected to Wi-Fi or has a sufficient cellular network to connect to.

After your rowers have connected their phones or tablets to their Concept2s, check that every rower on an erg shows up as “Connected” i.e. on the roster tab, their name will have a green bar on the left side of their card.

If anyone shows up with a red bar next to their name, they should be checked before starting. Tap the red circle near the bottom right of the screen to find out the issue that may need your attention.

Once connected, RowHero will record every programmed piece, including “Single Time,” “Single Distance,” and any combination of intervals. Just Row pieces are not recorded.

After the Workout

Go to their piece in the app (where you can see the graph of their result) and tap on the 3 dots in the top right corner. Tap the option “Move to Another Athlete.”

You’ll then be prompted to select the athlete to move this piece to. After a minute or two, overall workout rankings, piece rankings, and PRs will be updated to reflect the change.

Yes, you can hide them so they don’t factor into the overall split for the workout.

Go to the page for a piece that you want to hide, tap on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the screen, and then tap “Hide Piece _ from Workout.” This cannot be undone, so be sure you want to do this.


For RowHero, off-strokes are strokes that an athlete takes that are significantly slower than the previous 10 strokes and the next 10.

Off-stroke score is a measure of consistency that RowHero uses to grade a piece. Every athlete starts with a score of 100, and that score decreases as the athlete takes off-strokes. More off-strokes contribute to a lower score, and the slower off-stroke is, the more points are taken away

For a junior level, above 75 is very good. Above 50 is good. Above 0 is average, and anything below 0 likely requires some additional coaching.

Off-stroke score is designed to compared between pieces regardless of length (distance or time), so athletes could use it to determine if they are making progress with their mental game piece after piece.

Off-stroke impact is a similar metric, which explains how much faster the piece could have been (for a distance piece) or how much farther the athlete could’ve rowed (for a time piece).

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