RowHero Pricing

Saving you 15+ hours/month

Writing down times, entering them in spreadsheets, ranking speeds, communicating those ranks back to your athletes, trying to give feedback days after the workout–avoid all these headaches and let RowHero do the work for you. 🙂

Seasonal *

* The Seasonal Plan includes 9 months of service and preserves your data during the off-season. More details below.


For athletes to track their own data

  • Personal workout journal
  • Live force curve metrics
  • Off-strokes and potential speed
  • Personal PR Tracking
  • Unlimited workouts


Team erg data at your fingertips
$ 3
per active athlete
per month, billed seasonally
  • Everything in Free
  • Team workouts
  • Automatic team ranks
  • Team PR Tracking
  • Unlimited teams
  • Unlimited workouts
  • 1 workout at a time

High Performance

More tools for success
Coming Soon
  • Everything in Standard
  • Athlete Training Plans
  • Team Training Plans
  • Team HR Zones
  • Workout trend analysis
  • Automatic workout setup
  • RP3 Support
  • Unlimited teams
  • Unlimited workouts

Common Pricing Questions

What does "active athlete" mean? How are athletes counted toward my bill?

Athletes are only counted for your team if they save a workout in RowHero, and you as a coach can see the results of that workout. For example:

  • John does a team workout and saves his results in RowHero. All team workout results are visible to coaches, so John is counted as an athlete on your team.

How do "active athletes" work for Seasonal and Annual Plans?

You set the number of athletes you want to pay for upfront based on your own enrollment information, and then you’ll be billed for that number of athletes for the season or for the year.

If during any month you exceed the number of athletes you’ve paid for, then you will be billed for the additional amount for that month, at the end of the month.

What is a Seasonal Plan?

Seasonal Plans are for teams who want the convenience of paying for RowHero for the year but don’t need to be able to save workouts during the summer. With a Seasonal Plan, your team can save workouts in RowHero for 9 months (September – May) and then turn off data collection during the off-season months (June – August). This option also allows you to continue to store all of your team’s workouts in RowHero during the off-season free of charge, which is not the case with a month-to-month plan.

How are Seasonal Plans billed?

When you purchase a Seasonal Plan, you commit to the number of athletes you need RowHero for at that time. If needed, you can exceed this number, and the additional athletes will be pro-rated on your next bill.

Seasonal Plans can be paid in full for the year or can be paid in two installments: one in the fall (billed on Sept 30) and one in the spring (billed on Jan 30). There is no price difference between paying in one installment or two. Paying in two installments is for teams who can experience significant churn or growth in numbers between fall and spring.

Will I get a refund if I cancel a Seasonal Plan before the end of the subscription?

No. When you cancel a Seasonal Plan, you will continue to have access to RowHero until your subscription expires, at which point the subscription will not renew.

If you are paying in two installments and cancel before paying the second installment in spring, then you will still be billed for the second installment based on the number of athletes you paid for in the fall.

Will I get a refund if I cancel a Annual Plan before the end of the subscription?

No. When you cancel an Annual Plan, you will continue to have access to RowHero until your subscription expires, at which point the subscription will not renew.

What happens to team data when my subscription expires?

You have a grace period of 30 days to continue accessing your team’s data after your subscription expires. After 30 days, RowHero will still store your data, but you will not be able to access it. After 90 days, if your subscription has not been renewed, your team’s data will be deleted. (However, athletes will still be able to see their own workout results.)

Can I pause my subscription if I'm not using it?

Yes, if your plan has ended within the past 15 days, you may pause your subscription so that RowHero retains your team data. Contact us to do so.

A paused subscription has a monthly fee, which costs 20% of the price of the last month in your most recent plan.


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