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Concept2 Logbook [Beta]

The Concept2 logbook allows you to record your workouts on Concept2 equipment to Concept2’s online log, which allows you to rank your best workouts and stay motivated with a community of Concept2 rowers all over the world.

RowHero enables you to save all of your workouts on the RowErg, SkiErg, and BikeErg to this log.

You will need a Concept2 logbook account in order to upload your RowHero workouts.


As of April 26, 2022, teams and individuals must be in the beta program to sync their workouts with the Concept2 Logbook. This program is currently not open to requests yet.

Step by Step: Uploading Your Workouts to the Concept2 Logbook

  1. Launch the app and navigate to your home screen (as an athlete).
  2. Tap on the gear icon in the top right corner to launch the settings pane.
  3. If you have been approved for the Concept2 logbook, you will see Concept2 Logbook under the “Connections” section.
  4. Tap on the Logbook link and type in your user name and password.
  5. Press “Approve RowHero”.
  6. Now, when you end a personal workout or when your coach ends a team workout, it will be uploaded to the Concept2 logbook.
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