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Importing Workouts from the Concept2

If you forget to connect RowHero for a workout, don’t worry! RowHero gives you the power to import workouts directly from the Concept2 memory screen.


Importing workouts doesn’t give you the same rich information that you get when connecting RowHero during the workout. Specifically, the only information you’ll get is time, distance, and stroke rate for each piece.

Step by Step: Importing a Workout

  1. Connect to the Concept2 which has your workout in its memory.
  2. Tap on the Concept2 Memory link.
  3. Scroll to the workout you would like to import. (You can also pull down on the list to refresh it.)
  4. Tap on the workout you would like to import.
  5. Confirm that the pieces are the ones you want to import and tap Import # piece(s).
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