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Running Your First Workout

You’ve added your rowers to your team, and you’re ready to start your first workout. Most RowHero setup occurs at the beginning of practice. Afterward, rowers can safely put their phones away, and the workout can run like how you normally run it.

Step 1: Helping rowers connect to the PM5

Once rowers sit at an erg, they’re ready to connect to the monitor. This step is covered in more detail on the Connecting to the PM5 page.

Please be aware there are two different types of PM5 monitors, and the steps to put each of them into Connect mode is different. The link above explains this in more detail.

You may also find the following information sheet valuable to explain the entire process, including troubleshooting when the PM5 doesn’t seem to connect: Onboarding Sheet

Step 2 (Optional): Check all your rowers are connected

If you want to make doubly sure that your rowers are set up correctly before starting, you can tap on the Roster tab for your team and pull down to refresh the roster. Every athlete will have a green, red, or gray color next to them:

  • Green: connected
  • Red: not connected or something’s not right (potentially a poor network connection)
  • Gray: rower is not currently doing a team workout

You can tap the three buttons on the bottom right of the screen to filter your rowers to the categories above.

Step 3: Should rowers see their phones?

Some coaches think phones are a distraction; some think the live feedback that RowHero can provide is valuable enough to show. There are obviously pros and cons of each, but you will need to decide this ahead of time.

Once phones are connected, athletes can put them away and turn their screens off without losing the data being recorded.

However, if you do want athletes to be able to see their phones, you will need to have a cradle for the phone to sit in near the monitor. There are many brands available; however, Concept2 does sell an “official” solution here: Concept2 Cradle.

If there is a particular screen you want rowers to see (e.g. force curve stats or heart rate zone data), make sure you instruct them to see that screen.

Step 4: Run the workout

Tell your team the pieces to run and have fun. 🙂

Troubleshooting: PM5 can’t connect

Sometimes, a PM5 monitor will not be able to connect with RowHero. These cases are listed on the Connecting to the PM5 page. If this happens during a practice, we recommend putting the erg to the side to fix later. While most “errors” can be resolved, it will usually take more than 5 minutes, which is more time than most of us are willing to wait to get a workout started.

For specific troubleshooting instructions, please see the Connecting to the PM5 page.

Troubleshooting: PM5 disconnects mid-piece

If a rower notices that their piece wasn’t recorded for some reason, then they can still import the workout from the Concept2 memory using the instructions here.

Troubleshooting: Rower forgets phone or runs out of battery

Coaches can add results manually for any piece. Select the piece in question and scroll down to the athlete in the result list and tap “Add Result.” You’ll be asked to enter either time or distance as well as rate, and RowHero will save the data and rank the athlete.

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