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Creating A Workout

RowHero has two types of workouts for teams.

Current Team Workout Planned Workout
Best for:

  • Workouts you do together as a team
  • When you want to get started quickly
  • When the whole team is doing the same workout
Best for:

  • Workouts you assign to athletes on their own
  • When you want to give special instructions to athletes in writing
  • When different athletes need to do different workouts at the same time (e.g. some erg and some bike)
  • When it may take more than 1 day for all your athletes to complete the workout
No setup required Requires setup ahead of time
1 at a time per team As many as you want per team
No special instructions available Allows you to give special instructions to your team through the app
End automatically 2 hours after the last piece finishes Ends after the workout end date

Current Team Workout

No setup is required for the current team workout; there is always one “active” team workout. Athletes will start their workout by tapping on the team, and after their first piece, RowHero will collect all the results together for you in an easy-to-read format.

Planned Workouts

Planned workouts require some setup, but offer a number of advantages—they can stay active for multiple days; you can prescribe specific instructions for athletes, and you can have multiple active workouts at a time for rowers to choose from.

Create Planned Workout

Step by Step

  1. From the Team Home screen, tap on the plus icon in the top right to add a new workout.
  2. Fill in the workout title, the start and end dates, and (optionally) a description/instructions for athletes.
  3. Tap “Save Workout” to save your changes.

Once you create a planned workout, athletes will be able to select the workout on their app either from their home screen or after tapping on the team icon when they start a workout. Both options are shown below.

Create Planned Workout

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