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Getting Started for Coaches

Welcome to RowHero! This quickstart guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get your first workout recorded.

Team Setup

Step 1. Download the RowHero app from the App Store or Play Store.

Step 2. Create your team. You can create multiple teams using an Essentials or higher subscription.

Step 3. Invite your rowers to your team.

Step 4. Add other coaches so they can see results.

You can also add your coxswains here if you’d like them to see the team’s data.

Step 5. Will you schedule a workout ahead of time or record just what rowers pull on the erg?

The advantage of scheduling a workout ahead of time is that you can make it active for multiple days and include instructions for rowers to follow, especially if it’s a complicated workout.

Learn how to schedule a workout. If you just want to record what rowers pull, skip this step.

Your First Workout

See Running Your First Workout for a step-by-step guide on how to be successful running your first workout (either in person or remotely). Please read through this carefully as there are a few things you need to do (or delegate) to ensure a successful workout. These are all covered on the walkthrough:

  1. Make sure your rowers are all connected successfully.
  2. Instruct rowers what to do with their phones mid-workout. What data should they focus on? Or should they put them away?
  3. Instruct rowers to double check that all their pieces were saved.

Once your athletes start rowing, you can see their splits in the team view. See Seeing Live Results.


Rarely, a result might be missing–perhaps due to the phone running out of battery, an athlete forgetting their phone, or a phone losing the Bluetooth connection. RowHero can still recover these pieces as long as athletes make sure their pieces are saved. See the Results Missing from Workout article for troubleshooting tips.

These strategies are last resorts, because the only data you receive is split, time, distance, and stroke rate.

  1. As an athlete, use RowHero to import pieces directly from memory.
  2. As a coach (or coxswain), upload a result manually.

Advanced Steps

You might find some cases where you need to make some adjustments to the workout depending on how athletes recorded their data:


  1. A printable worksheet for your rowers on how to connect to the PM5.
  2. More info on connecting to the PM5.


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