RowHero for Coaches: Getting Started

Heads up!

This information was relevant back in January 2020, but now RowHero looks a little different. You can find the updated how-to in our Help Center under Getting Started for Coaches.

As of January 2020, RowHero officially launched in the App Store. Woo hoo!

This guide is for coaches to get instant erg workout results from their team.

Haven’t used the app before?

Fantastic! Welcome to the RowHero community. 🙂

This section will guide you through how to create a team and save all of your team’s data.

When you launch the app for the first time, select Sign up for free speed, then Get my team’s workout results. You’ll then get a chance to type in your team’s name. Choose any name you want which best represents your team!

Step 1. Add your team’s name

Next, you’ll get a chance to add a photo that represents your team. This step is entirely optional but can help you feel more at home in the app. We definitely recommend it!

Be sure to allow RowHero to access your photos if you want to upload one.

Finally, you’ll get a chance to look through what you get as a coach. You’ll start with a 14-day free trial, and no credit card is required to get started. If you’re interested in our pricing, check it out here: https://rowhero.com/pricing

If that all looks good, you’ll be directed to save your profile and your team through a simple sign-up page. Fill out your email and a new password, your name (so your athletes and fellow coaches will recognize you in the app), and your competition gender.

Step 3. Sign up!

After you’re signed up, let’s walk you through adding athletes to your team!

Want to add a team to an existing account?

Cool, glad you’re with us! It’s pretty easy to add your own team. Just follow the steps below.

After logging in, from your home screen, tap on the RowHero icon in the top left to open the main menu. Then tap New Team so you can start to fill out the properties of your team.

Fill in the name of your team and the name of your organization. You can add more teams to the same organization in future. For example, my team could be “Varsity Boys” and my organization could be “Sammamish Rowing Association.”

You can also choose to add a team photo to make it feel more like home. 🙂

Once you’re done, scroll down to tap Create Team. You’ll get a chance to look through what you get as a coach. You’ll start with a 14-day free trial, and no credit card is required to get started. If you’re interested in our pricing for after your trial, you can look at it here: https://rowhero.com/pricing

If everything looks good, tap Let’s Do This! You’ll be taken to your team where you can start on the next step…

Want to add rowers to your team?

So you’ve created your team and are ready to add some athletes. If this is the first team you’ve created, you’ll see an example athlete already in your roster with one workout for you to look at. I encourage you to explore and see the types of stats that RowHero collects for you!

Take a look around your new team — we added an example athlete so you can check out the type of stats that RowHero saves.

OK, that’s enough looking around. Let’s get your athletes added to the team.

See that button at the bottom of your roster that says Add Athlete? You can tap that to get a link to share that will automatically add whoever clicks it to your team.

You might be thinking — what if they don’t have the app installed? Not a problem. The link will take them to the App Store to download RowHero and then will add them to your team after installing.

Once you get an athlete to tap on the link, they’ll be in your roster, and you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Tap Add Athlete in your roster to get a link that allows your squad to join your team in the app.

Join Codes

A small aside: you’ll also notice a join code for your team on the Add Athlete button (4EGDM1 in the team above). If athletes don’t have the link, they can use the join code to join the team.

Ready to start a workout?

You’ve got your team. You’ve got your athletes. Let’s start a workout!

This guide shows the experience from the athlete’s side. You can follow along in your app, but you may not be able to do a team workout unless you yourself are part of a team.

Athletes will start on the Home screen (middle photo below). To get there yourself, tap on your team’s photo in the top left-hand corner of the screen and tap My Workouts.

From the Home screen, tap the Record tab, tap the Team button, and then press Start Workout.

It’s critical that athletes choose the “Team” button if you intend to have ranked results.

Teach your athletes how to record their workouts

Athletes will then need to connect to their Concept2 using Bluetooth. The buttons Bluetooth Option 1 and Bluetooth Option 2 demonstrate how to connect the monitor, depending on how new your monitor is.

Your athletes will see this when starting their workout.

After connecting, any time or distance (single or interval) piece will be sent to your phone after the workout is done. For example, this is what an athlete will see after finishing a 500m piece:

And this is what you’ll see — go to your team page and tap on Workout to see the live/active team workout. (You’ll also see this workout shown when you tap on History.)

Team Workouts!

One last thing: workouts and the pieces within them are all ranked. If you need to start a new workout for ranking purposes, you can tap End & Save on the workout screen (2nd photo above). Otherwise, workouts are automatically ended 3 hours after the last piece is submitted.

Those are the basics to get you started! If you have more questions, reach out to us and our community over on our Facebook group or email us directly at .

Happy Rowing!
David DeWinter
RowHero Founder

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