What is off-stroke score?

For RowHero, off-strokes are strokes that an athlete takes that are significantly slower than the previous 10 strokes and the next 10.

Off-stroke score is a measure of consistency that RowHero uses to grade a piece. Every athlete starts with a score of 100, and that score decreases as the athlete takes off-strokes. More off-strokes contribute to a lower score, and the slower off-stroke is, the more points are taken away oesterreichischeapotheke.com.

For a junior level, above 75 is very good. Above 50 is good. Above 0 is average, and anything below 0 likely requires some additional coaching.

Off-stroke score is designed to compared between pieces regardless of length (distance or time), so athletes could use it to determine if they are making progress with their mental game piece after piece.

Off-stroke impact is a similar metric, which explains how much faster the piece could have been (for a distance piece) or how much farther the athlete could’ve rowed (for a time piece).

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