How do I make sure pieces will be saved without checking my phone all the time?

RowHero’s aim is to give you peace of mind that all the data you want will be recorded without problems. Sometimes, devices do get disconnected from the ergs, or poor Wi-Fi will interrupt a piece being uploaded. RowHero has a couple of very specific push notifications to help you manage these exceptional circumstances:

A rower’s device is on but has been disconnected for 5 minutes.
If this rower is in the middle of the piece, it will not be recorded. You will need to plug this device in to make sure their pieces are recorded.

A rower’s device just disconnected.
If the rower is in the middle of rowing and their device disconnects, you will receive this message. You will need to plug the device back in if you want this piece recorded.

A rower’s device is at [25/10]% battery.
When batteries get low, you risk not recording pieces successfully. Especially under 10%, some phones will have only about 10 minutes left. It is recommended that you switch out devices under 10% if it looks like they won’t make it to the end of a piece.

Missing a result from a rower.
If for some reason RowHero is expecting a piece but the results are never saved, it will alert you that the system might have missed something. Check that the rower’s device is still on, with the app open, and still connected to the network. Afterward, if there is a cloud icon in the top right of the screen, tap on that icon to try uploading the data again. RowHero will also try this automatically every 15 seconds in case you are not available to check this yourself.

If there is no cloud icon, check in your RowHero app whether the piece has successfully been uploaded. Chances are it has.

If something happens that does not fall into the cases above, please reach out to support at .

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