The RowHero Team

David giving a thumbs on an erg on a mountain

David DeWinter

David is a 15-year software engineering veteran who spent 8 years at Microsoft in roles across Office, .NET, and Azure. He started rowing at Sammamish Rowing Association in 2009, and it didn’t take long for him to get hooked. After years of effort, he made his way to the medal stands. First regionally, then nationally at the Head of the Charles, Masters Nationals, and World Masters.

As a coach, he found joy in helping kids make breakthroughs in their growth. Not just to become better rowers, but to become more supportive teammates and more confident individuals as well. In 2017, he left Microsoft to put more time into RowHero, because he saw the role that better data can play in building up the confidence of every rower in the world.

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