The fastest way to get erg data for your team.

The most comprehensive erg data platform available, RowHero collects erg data live so you and your coxswains can spend time coaching, not on laptops and clipboards.

For coaches and athletes who desire data to help drive growth, sharper mental skills, higher quality feedback, and of course, boat speed.


Trusted by the coaches at


Sammamish Rowing Association


Pocock Rowing Center


Seattle Prep


Lehigh University


Northeastern University


Orange Coast College

The fastest way to get team erg data

Your rowers’ phones connect directly with the Concept2 and send their workout data to you.

I have more time for my athletes and it’s helped me to focus on particular things with athletes in a more productive way. Who wants to write down erg scores, manage spreadsheets, and PRs if there is an app that can do it?

Liza Dickson – Junior Program Director at Sammamish Rowing Association

A supercharged workout journal for your rowers

Every workout is stored forever, so athletes can review their past performances and
build accountability for their own growth.

RowHero maximized every indoor session we had.

This is a must for coaches and athletes who want the most from their time and effort.

Alex Mann – Former Junior Program Director at Pocock Rowing Center

Data that drives decisions

RowHero’s data and graphs will help you get faster by showing you your strengths and weaknesses during a piece. You’ll see especially weak points pointed out as “off-strokes,” which are easy places to look for free speed.

Upgrade your force curves

RowHero brings new metrics like peak force % and smoothness to your force curves, which will help your rowers hone their technique even on land.

Automatic PR Tracking

Now it’s easy to keep track of personal bests for every piece length you can imagine.

Built-in accountability when your team is apart

Struggling to assign workouts remotely and get the results in a timely manner? Build training plans in the app for your team and watch the scores come in.

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