More time to get the most out of every erg practice.

RowHero is the world’s fastest way to collect and organize your team’s erg data.

Help your team get faster and more confident by finding specific ways for them to see and celebrate their progress.

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If any of this sounds familiar, you need RowHero

  • I spend 30+ minutes per erg workout writing, formatting, organizing, or interpreting workout data
  • I teach my athletes about force curves but it's hard to teach what a good curve is with the Concept2 display
  • I see athletes perform inconsistently throughout workouts, especially during erg tests
  • I have zero visibility into whether my athletes are working in the heart rate zone
  • I can't really tell how well my team performs on an erg workout until I get the data after practice
  • I assign workouts for rowers to do on their own
  • Most of our team/athlete feedback about speed on erg days is generic
  • I'm drowning in spreadsheets to track workouts and PRs
  • I see athletes taking strokes 10+ splits off their average
  • My team competes with each other on steady state workouts

The fastest way to get team erg data

Your rowers’ phones connect directly with the Concept2 and send their workout data to you.

I have more time for my athletes and it’s helped me to focus on particular things with athletes in a more productive way. Who wants to write down erg scores, manage spreadsheets, and PRs if there is an app that can do it?

Liza Dickson – Junior Program Director at Sammamish Rowing Association

RowHero maximized every indoor session we had.

This is a must for coaches and athletes who want the most from their time and effort.

Alex Mann – Former Junior Program Director at Pocock Rowing Center

Start capturing your team's workout data
in less than 10 minutes

Set up your team, invite your athletes to join, have them connect to their ergs, and watch the data come in.


Before the workout

Athletes quickly connect their phones to the Concept2 PM5 using our tap-to-connect technology.

Set your team's focus

  • Steady state? Use our enhanced force curve display to teach and utilize proper force application.
  • Erg test? Use our projected finish display to help rowers hit their goals.
  • Or simply put the phones away. RowHero still works when the screens are off.
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    Stay on top of your team's performance

    Check the workout screen mid-piece to see the latest average splits, and compare their current performance with personal bests to see who can use some extra encouragement.

    After each piece

    Get your team's stats immediately after rowers put down their handles. Check your rowers' consistency through stroke-by-stroke analysis.

    After the workout

    Create powerful opportunities for growth by looking at how consistent athletes were throughout the workout. Compare results with previous workouts to understand progress.
    Then encourage your team to reflect on their own data—what did they do well, and what can they do better next time?
    Export the workout to Excel for any further analysis.

    Liza Dickson

    Jr. Program Director
    Sammamish Rowing Association

    “The next time he did a 2K, that PR was there. To see his joy breaking through that wall—that’s the feeling every coach wants to get helping their athlete…. Great coaches need great tools, and RowHero is that for us.”

    Helen Tilghman

    Youth Team Head Coach and Program Coordinator
    Pocock Rowing Center

    “Now that we use RowHero, we now have the time and energy to educate athletes on how data can drive their own experience and performance goals. Showing [pacing data] visually has been wildly helpful to our younger athletes.”

    RowHero is your partner in creating opportunity from data

    Your rowers will reflect, learn, and grow from their performances more often, and you get a simple, single place for all your erg data.

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