For Coaches

RowHero offers affordable devices to give you better metrics from the launch for every athlete you coach.

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For Athletes

RowHero brings your rowing data to life, so you can see your progress on the water and use it to live up to your full potential.

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A faster, easier way to get rowers in sync on the water.

Real-time feedback

Have more effective, goal-driven conversations with your crews after every piece, since you'll have their split, distance, and time after every stroke.

Tracking across multiple boats in every practice

When every boat tracks data, practices can be replayed and compared to see who really had the edge in seat racing that day.

Bring more tools from the erg room to the water

Use valuable data, like force curve and stroke length, to fine tune how your athletes row together in the same boat.


Bring the devices you already use—RowHero gathers their insights all in one place.

A simple logbook for all your workouts

Record your rowing and erg workouts with all your existing devices and download the results automatically to RowHero.

Instant feedback on your performance

RowHero uses Bluetooth to talk with your devices, so you can debrief quickly on your performance right after your workout, not hours later when you get home.

Track your progress throughout the season

Not sure if your training plan's enough? Track your boat speed in time trials and races throughout the season to find out how to build on your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses.

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