Scale the care of
one-on-one coaching
to your entire team

RowHero collects and analyzes erg data live for your team. 100% accurate. Stored indefinitely.

With better data you can motivate every athlete to be the best they can be. You can make individual and team conversations about growth so much more impactful, and you can spend your time on what matters—developing your athletes as people, not just rowers.


Liza Dickson
Sammamish Rowing Association
Junior Program Director

I have more time for my athletes and it’s helped me to focus on particular things with athletes in a more productive way. Who wants to write down erg scores, manage spreadsheets, and PRs if there is an app that can do it?

Alex Mann
Pocock Rowing Center
Junior Program Director

RowHero maximized every indoor session we had.

This is a must for coaches and athletes who want the most from their time and effort.

Faster, higher-quality feedback for your athletes

With your team's entire workout history on your phone, you can go beyond individual pieces and understand progress for each rower and for your entire team. The post-practice debrief levels up to real talk about how your team is progressing.

Empower your rowers to lead their own growth

Athletes also get direct access to their entire workout history. As a coach, you can't always have 50 one-on-one conversations to talk about how each rower should get better. But with the data in hand, athletes can now take more ownership of how they want to improve.

Create new opportunities with remote training options

COVID-19 is changing our programs, but we can still make the most of remote training for those who have access to ergs. RowHero-backed training plans can help those rowers who want to get faster on the erg find that extra gear.

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